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“I commissioned Tuffy to install a catch can in my 2019 Silverado. The installation should have been fairly simple but the instructions were quite complicated, with difficult to read diagrams and poorly taken pictures. Also the kit I purchased was incomplete. The installation ended up needing a couple of modifications to fit where placement was recommended. The tech has been awesome explaining to me everything he did and even returning the original parts to me so if I decide to remove the can the engine bay can be returned to manufacturer specs. I will definitely recommend Tuffy to everyone who mentions they need a mechanic.”

John Campbell

Aug 15, 2020 – Dublin, OH

“When I needed an oil change, I asked five auto services to give me a quote for full synthetic - and this place was lowest! I've used this place for several years, and they have always given excellent service. They also answer all my car questions!”

Jeanne Huba

Aug 08, 2019 – Columbus, OH

“We have taken all of our cars here for more than 10 years. I have accidentally left cash sitting on my passenger seat and had it all there when I got my car back. They have lent me cars, driven me home and put air in my tires in sub-zero temperatures. I will not allow anyone else to touch my cars, and I truly think of Allen and Mike like family. I trust them implicitly, they never steer me wrong and always help me find the safest and most economical way to make repairs. I send everyone I know here. They are beyond terrific!”

Rachel S

Jun 07, 2017 – Dublin, OH

“I have used the Smoky Row Tuffy for many years, and they are always so helpful. I trust them to only do what has to be done at a legit price. Even better than that, I will stop in with some annoying question or little concern and they will often help me out for free. Today, my engine light came on. It turned out it was because the gas cap was loose,but the light wouldn't turn off. The mechanic stopped what he was doing, came out to my car with a diagnostic gadget, and cleared the code so the light went out. I appreciate the customer service! ”

Carol R

Mar 13, 2017 – Columbus, OH

“Just recommended a friend there who moved to the area, she had gotten a quote from another car place for a lot of work that "needed" to be done. She said Tuffy was able to get it all fixed the same day she called, and at half the price. These guys are great, and have always been honest with us about what we need and don't need.”

Maureen R

Apr 07, 2016 – Powell, OH

“While I take care of most of my work myself, anytime I have run into a task I cannot do without special equipment, I have gone to this Tuffy. Helpful and friendly staff.”

Brian S

Apr 07, 2016 – Powell, OH